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MIB Play The Royal Wedding

On Friday 29th April, as MIB we performed to 300,000 people at Hyde Park, for the Royal Wedding Celebrations, which went down in history apparently as the largest UK gig of all time! It was a real honour to be involved in such an epic day in British History. Not only did we get to share the experience of watching the wedding of Prince William & Kate Middleton (Princess Katherine) with 300,000 other high spirited people, but we got to perform to them after the ceremony!

We were booked to perform a short 35minute set, but it ended up going down such a storm that it was extended to 50minutes and then another 30mins for a second set. The feeling of having 300,000 people singing along and dancing to us was just immense, and I know its something we’ll never forget.

Here’s an edit of some of the footage from the day

We also made a little video blog of the day – check it out below! The audio quality isn’t great (as its just from peoples handheld camcorders and phones etc) but you get a good idea of what we got up to! :)

Check out a few pictures below, and for a full archive of all our posts regarding this event (featuring video clips and all sorts!) click here to see the archive