Favourite Movie Song First Dances

August 6th, 2014

Today we are researching love songs from Movies for a first dance. These are our favourites….

Time Of My Life – Dirty Dancing


Never Can Tell – Pulp Fiction


My Heart Will Go On – Titanic


You’re The One That I Want – Grease


I Will Always Love You – The Bodyguard


Unchained Melody – Ghost


All You Need Is Love – Love Actually 

Bia and Vlad’s wedding in Romania

July 25th, 2014

We had the pleasure of visiting Romania earlier this Summer to perform at the wedding of Bia and Vlad. It was such a gorgeous day so we thought you might like to see some pictures and a run down of what we did…

We arrived on the Friday, super early in the morning, and had the day to check out the venue (which was the stunning Club Ambasad’or in Bucharest where they had a HUGE marquee), and go out to experience Bucharest!

For the wedding itself, our pianist/keys player Loucas Hajiantoni started off the evening with his solo piano set, whilst guests arrived. He set the tone beautifully and the atmosphere was just gorgeous as everyone walked into such a stunning marquee – it was absolutely huge, with an amazing chandelier in the middle of the room, and tables all around a large dancefloor.


The band set up was similar to Wembley Stadium… haha, OK maybe not quite that big, but it was a huge sound rig that was especially epic!

Loucas got a little carried away playing his piano set, and we were all enjoying it so much that we at some point realised he had played for two hours instead of one! He didn’t seem to mind though :)

Vlad and Bianca were kind enough to give us a table at the wedding so we could enjoy it as much as the guests did. This was such a lovely idea as usually we are hiding away in a back room preparing for the show… it was so lovely to be involved and also experience everything that went on!

The first dance was just gorgeous….we performed the beautiful ‘Beauty and the Beast’, but changed the words to ‘Lovers til the end’… it worked really well…such a perfect choice!

Want to see it on video? Here it is….:)

We then performed 4 sets throughout the evening, around each course of the meal. It was so much fun, and everyone was on the dancefloor all night!


We couldn’t believe how the party went on all through the night – we played up until around 4a.m!! We finished our set by organising the guests into a huge big circle around Vlad and Bia…


We were exhausted when we finished…but the guests were just tucking into their main course!

All in all, it was an unforgettable evening and we were so honoured to be part of it!

Here’s what Vlad and the beautiful Bia had to say….

Everyone was talking about you guys today. You were incredible. We didn’t expect such a great performance!! It was such an honor to have you perform at our wedding!


Thanks to mitranescu.ro for the photos!

A Beautiful Proposal

July 25th, 2014

Imagine this, ladies…your lovely boyfriend takes you out for a romantic night out, and when you get home, thinking your night is over, you walk into your living room only to find it filled with lit candles, with two musicians in the corner performing ‘How Long Will I Love You’ by Ellie Goulding…he then gets down on one knee….. eek! This is a basic rundown of what happened last Friday night between David Schneider and his beautiful bride to be, Lauren….

A few years back, we performed at the unforgettable wedding of Davids brother and sister in-law, Paul & Amy Schneider…which not only was it one of the most beautiful weddings we’ve ever been lucky enough to be involved with, with the most lovely family, but it was a musical extravaganza, with our 12 piece MIB band, a saxophone set, a string section & a solo singer in the ceremony, a pianist on a grand piano performing in the wedding breakfast, our 4 piece indie/rock act doing a set, and basically a non-stop day and evening of live music!

The day was certainly one we will never forget, and so when we were contacted by David, we were really excited to hear from him and couldn’t wait to be involved with whatever he came up with!

And…. SHE SAID YESSSSS!!! Congratulations to David and Lauren and thank you SO much for involving us in something so beautiful and intimate!

Here’s what David had to say:

Hi Rachael, Sam and Sera, thanks for making my proposal so unique and romantic. I couldn’t have wished for anything more spectacular. Despite the room being about 100 degrees Rachael and Sam performed two outstanding tracks and we will cherish the moment forever. We cannot wait to have you back for our wedding when we fix a date. Thank you x



Videos below :) (click on the links)

how long will i love you

You got the love

FAQ: How should an Evening Reception be structured?

July 16th, 2014

We are often asked what structure the evening reception at a Wedding should take. Of course, there are no rules as such but for those who want some guidance, this is what we suggest.

If you have your Wedding Breakfast in a separate room to your Evening Reception then the band would usually set up whilst you are eating. If your Wedding Breakfast and Evening Reception are in the same room you will need to organise either the band getting there early and setting up, or a turn around period after the meal. If you don’t have the option to have the separate rooms, the turn around period can work really nicely after the meal. If you can move into another area (or outside if sunny) then this gives a good opportunity for people to chat, let their food go down and also welcome the evening guests whilst the room is being changed around.

We always advise to start the Evening Reception as late as possible so that everyone is ready for dancing and your live music isn’t wasted. People often under estimate how important this gap is in-between the meal and the dancing and often weddings run late because the Bride & Groom are still trying to say hello to so many people. If the evening guests arrive at 7pm, we would usually say to aim for 8pm at the earliest to start, however if you can push it back to 8.30pm then that would work really well. It does depend however on what else you have going on that evening.

The band would usually start after the first dance (unless they are playing it). Some people like the idea of the band playing mellow numbers/jazz beforehand which is lovely however if you want to keep the tradition of the first dance being by the Bride & Groom then you may want to keep it to chilled background music/DJ until you are ready.

The cutting of the cake can happen at many different occasions. The post popular is right before the first dance. This works really well because all your guests will gather round to see you cut the cake, and then be there ready to see the first dance. It is such a shame when guests miss the first dance as they don’t know it is happening.

If you are worried about your first dance, and not comfortable with just 2 of you on the dance floor for a whole song, why not invite in the key members of the Wedding party? It always works really well when a Bride & Groom welcomes everyone onto the dance floor either during their first dance or for a 2nd dance. This kicks off the evening entertainment with a bang.

It is really important to bear in mind any other factors you have going on that evening and arranging the band around them. So for example, if you have an evening buffet or Fireworks, make sure this is happening when the band takes their break.

Have a think about how you want to end the Wedding. Tradition is that the Bride & Groom leave before the guests however this doesn’t often happen nowadays. If you do a big exit, it is a really nice way to end the evening and say goodbye to all your guests however some Bride & Grooms prefer to stay right until the end. If you do decide on an exit song, think about whether you want the band to play it or the original. If the band are playing it, it is easier as they can watch you leaving and time the song appropriately. Walking through the Wedding Arch does take a lot of time so bear this in mind. We would advise leaving at least 5 minutes for this.

You will need to bear in mind any curfews at the venue and make sure the band are aware of this as they will need to time it so they finish on time even if they have an encore.

People are often worried about the finish time of a wedding. A lot of people like to go on until 1am, however don’t feel this is a necessity. A Wedding is a very long day and it is better to finish wanting more then exhausted! Most bands quotes take you up until 1am however a 12 midnight finish is the most common.

For more info on our acts and advice on your event, please contact us on 01483 511 500 or email enquiries@mibmusicltd.com


The World Cup 2014 and Events

February 26th, 2014

It has come to that time again where event planners need to keep an eye on sport fixtures. In June and July this year The World Cup takes place. I know most people will not want this to effect their event, unfortunately it does!

Luckily, this year the planners of the sport fixtures as far as England are concerned have been kind to us who work in events and most of the fixtures don’t effect Saturdays…phew! But there are a few possibilities which we have decided to point out as there have been so many events we have played before where a sports fixture has taken over…and for most Brides and Grooms for example (as well as other party planners!) this is a real disappointment!

All the fixtures can be found on the BBC website however here is an important one….

ENGLAND Saturday 14th June 2014. ‘England vs Italy’. Luckily this isn’t on until 11pm so if you choose to, you can work your evening around this.

If England qualify, the other dates to keep an eye on (I am only listing Saturdays as that is prime time for events) are Saturday 28th June, 5th July and 12th July. This is correct as of the time written so this will change once the games begin depending on how England do.


Other Saturdays to watch out for are:

14th June:

5pm Columbia Vs Greece

8pm Uruguay Vs Costa Rica

21st June:

5pm Argentina Vs Iran

8pm Germany Vs Ghana

11pm Nigeria Vs Bosania-Herecegovina

28th June:

9pm poss England game (mentioned above)

05th July:

5pm Quarter Finals 4– poss England game

9pm Quarter Finals 3

12th July:

9pm Third Place Match – poss England game


If you are planning an event for these dates then just have a think about how to work with the fixtures. From experience, advice would be not to try and fight it but work with it. A high percentage of people are extremely passionate about Football and sadly they will not consider the fact you have gone to alot of effort to arrange this event. Perhaps a good idea would be to time kick off with your evening buffet (if a Wedding). Usually over the buffet the live music will take a break and people will want to sit and eat, so this could work well with people in another area watching the game. Another idea may be to embrace it and make it part of your evening, have a fun bet running throughout the day/evening and keep your guests updated with what is going on.

It does seem like a big effort to change your timings and to suit but I can’t stress enough how much it does effect the event and it is important not to try and fight it. This blog is very live music biased so it all depends on what is important to you at your wedding, what parts of the evening do you want everyone to be involved in.


Drinks Reception Entertainment

February 19th, 2014

A part of the wedding day which is often forgotten about when it comes to Music Entertainment is the Drinks Reception. This is often overlooked as there are other things to think about at that time such as photos. We have provided all sorts of musical entertainment for wedding receptions and have had so many comments about what a difference it has made to keeping the momentum up during the day.

The drinks reception can often be a bit of a down point for guests who are not involved in the main photos and especially those who do not know many people at the party. Having live music not only is a great ice breaker but also keeps people entertained and in the party mood.

Our advice would be to have an act playing with a break in the middle such as 2 x 45 min sets. A lot of acts offer more than this which is great but for a drink reception it is nice to have that break in the middle and most drinks receptions are around 1 hour 45 long (this does vary).

Here are some suggestions of acts we have provided in the past. These come at discounted prices when booked alongside one of our other acts (www.mibmusicltd.com):

Live Loungers –   a trio playing music from pop to jazz, they are well known for their interpretations of pop songs, performed in a chilled out way.

Solo Singer – the great thing about booking a solo singer is they usually have a wide range of repertoire so can tailor their performance to the vibe on the day. Our solo performers provide anything from a background set of Jazz/Mellow pop or a party set. We would suggest for a drinks reception that you want to keep things relatively upbeat but not too much of a party atmosphere. The aim is to keep people entertained but not dancing just yet!

MIB Jazz Bandthis sets a great mood for a drinks reception. Usually we provide an instrumental 4 piece band of guitar, double bass, keys and percussion/drums however this can be flexible.

Acoustic Duo – offering a range of songs with an acoustic feel this is a great option for a drinks reception. It is also very easy to set up and control with regards to sound so a good option all round.

Buddha Bar Sax - a completely different feel to the above acts this Saxophone mixed with Ibiza  style tracks Act creates a very cool vibe. There are options between an uptempo set or a more mellow one.

Cocktail Pianist – this can either be a pianist solo or you could add in a female vocalist.

There are lots of options! If you would like to discuss any ideas or our acts then please do get in touch enquiries@mibmusicltd.com or call our office 01483 511 500.

We also offer a package MIB Experience which provides all the musical entertainment for your day (and more):




Featured Musician: Lara Russell

February 14th, 2014

We were lucky enough to get tickets to the sold out Brighton Theatre Group performance of Avenue Q last night in which one of our vocalists who sings with The LOL Band (formally Funkadelics) was performing. After arriving expecting to see her perform as part of the ensemble, it was announced that she would be voicing the part of Kate Monster (one of the lead characters) using her role of understudy.

Lara was absolutely fantastic and the vocal and acting performance was flawless. We are so proud to have such a talented vocalist working with us and really recommend that people go see the show, which is going to be difficult as it is sold out for the whole run!

Congratulations to Lara on a phenomenal performance and a big thumbs up to Brighton Theatre Group for once again putting on a fantastic production.


Song of the week: Happy – Pharrell Williams

January 29th, 2014

We know that this song has been around a while now but it is still VERY popular and actually contagious! Have a listen to it and if it doesn’t make you feel happy then we will eat our hat!

Undercover Superstars in Egypt

January 24th, 2014

Earlier on this week we sent 2 of our Undercover Superstars to Egypt to do a very unique performance thanks to Scarlett Entertainment.

Marianne and Tane were booked to work as undercover Flight Attendants on board separate private planes flying from Aswan to Cairo.

Marianne, set the scene:

Well….for starters it was very surreal! We were picked up from the airport and at almost military precision were guided through the passport and bag checks within about 10 minutes and a car waiting outside to take us to the hotel. We got to the hotel which was very lovely (treated like royalty!!!). The next morning, very early, we had breakfast and were greeted at reception and briefed on what was going to happen.


What jobs did you have to do when Undercover?

Marianne: We were told to greet guests when they got on the plane. I was told to carry out seatbelt checks and just generally make my face seen.



How did you break out into song?

Tane: I burst out at the front of the plane, explaining to the audience that I was made for more than just this, explaining that I was meant to be a superstar with my name in lights…

Then put some sunglasses on and start the show with “Sir Duke” Everyone looked quite surprised…But they went with it…

Marianne: They didn’t want a scenario from me, they wanted it to be a surprise so whilst the guests were eating breakfast I crept up the isle with my speaker and belted out “MY BABYS ALWAYS DAAANCING…” with my big gob as I do!


What songs did you sing?

Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder)
Hard to handle (Counting crows)
I wish (Stevie Wonder)
Rock with you (MJ)
Higher & Higher (Jackie Wilson)
I feel good (James Brown)
Superstition (Stevie Wonder)
Valerie (Amy Winehouse)


What was the audience’s reaction?

Tane:  They clapped, danced along, and took pictures and videos.

Marianne: Eyes wide and laughing, the gents and 1 lady on the plane bobbed around in their seats singing along.


How did you feel when you were Undercover?

 Tane: Slightly nervous, but the crew were great and they gave me jobs that made me look like a seasoned professional.



What were you thinking when you were performing?

Tane: I hope we don’t hit any turbulence. And also focusing on keeping the energy up during the total performance…

Marianne: I kept thinking “Am I really singing on a plane right now???….please no turbulence as I’m in heels”  It was just crazy mad!


What was your highlight of the gig?

Tane: Getting to see what goes on behind the scenes in a private plane, meet the pilots, the crew & see Egypt from a different perspective…

Marianne : Definitely one for the memory box!

A massive thanks to Scarlett Entertainment for such a fabulous booking.


2014 – Our Acts

January 17th, 2014

Well 2014 has arrived with a running start! Our office has been busier than ever as everyone is thinking about live music entertainment for their event. As it’s a new year, it’s a good time to remind you of what we offer at MIB Music LTD.

MIB Music LTD represents the below bands, all home grown by ourselves!

MIB Band 

5-12 piece party band. Playing a range of music from jazz-pop/1940′s to current day
Fun Fact!: In aid of performing at The Royal Wedding in Hyde Park in 2011, the band wrote and released their own Royal Wedding Themed single.


The LOL Band

3-4 piece party band. Perfect for smaller budgets and spaces. Playing a range of styles and ages of music.
Fun Fact!: Back in the day before The Lol Band changed their name (previously Funkadelics) they performed infront of Tony Anstis (Heart FM Radio DJ) and he LOVED it!


Motown Supreme 

Authentic Motown tribute act, available as a Trio (3 female vocalists) or a 7 piece live band.
Fun Fact!: Our Motown girls are doing so well that we’ve been inundated with all sorts of enquiries for them lately to be featured in adverts, magazines, TV shows and all sorts of weird and wonderful things


MIB Rocks

4 piece, all male indie band off shoot from MIB.
Fun Fact!: The discussions that happen in the dressing room when this band are out are quite different to the other bands due to it being an all male line up….you wouldn’t believe the things they talk about! (Care Bears, My Little Ponies…)


Undercover Superstars

Singing waiters specialist act. Performing modern pop/rock music to surprise your guests. Tailor made scenarios to suit your event.
Fun Fact!: Rachael often plays the part of ‘the clumsy waitress.’ She is infact very clumsy and doesn’t have to try very hard at all!